Beach Groomers Pet Salon cares about what we feed our own pets and know that you do as well.  All products, that we sell are made from premium, natural ingredients with one catch –We strive to carry all Made in the USA treat and Grain free dog food. We have plenty of samples of all of our dog food we carry as well as all our treats, so your get a chance to let your pet try it out before you buy it. We offer a money back guarantee on all of our products, if your not satisfied or your pet does not like a certain treat or food bring it back no question's asked we will issue you a full refund. 

DOGSWELL® products are made from natural meat and poultry with absolutely no added hormones, processed gluten, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  Products are free of wheat, corn, soy, and flour.  DOGSWELL® food and treats do not contain BHA, BHT or Ethoxyquin, artificial preservatives that extend the shelf life of a product.

NUTRISCA® is one of the only grain free recipes without potato or tapioca, which are high on the glycemic index and may contribute to weight gain. Instead, low glycemic chickpeas and peas are included as excellent sources of protein, fiber and folic acid. Low glycemic ingredients provide better digestibility for sustained energy. NUTRISCA’s balanced protein levels, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and chelated minerals provide optimum nutrition and palatability. Approved for All Lifestages! We carry in stock Chicken, Lamb, & Salmon in 5lb,15lb & 28 lb

K9 GRANOLA FACTORY Provide’s nutrient rich, heart-healthy treats and supplements for your pet. Our ORIGINAL line started it all by offering power packed granola, blended with timeless dog favorites such as peanut butter, carob and honey. Life on the run means needing to pick treats wisely. At K9 GRANOLA FACTORY, we give you an ever expanding list of all natural options. We take the guess work out of good nutrition! Come by and check out of soft bake treats and Coconut crunchers & Peanut Butter cruncher.

REAL MEATS TREATS delicious and healthy all natural jerky treats, made from the finest free range grass fed meats with no added hormones or antibiotics. We gently prepare our treats using minimal ingredients, low temperatures and lots of care to produce our natural soft jerky treats, one of the finest available. Simply the best training treat, soft, easy to carry, healthy and easy to feed in and out of the ring! We carry Venison, lamb and Chicken & Venison.

Mother Nature Treats,Think of Mother Nature Pet Treats as your personal premium dog treat bakery. With over a dozen unique varieties, you can easily find the right mix of flavors your dog craves.Each dog biscuit has that fresh-from-the-oven flavor and smell that tempts your pets' taste buds  with a lip-smacking crunch that promotes healthy teeth and gums.

SoJo, baked using ingredients you would find in your own kitchen likeblueberries, strawberries, peanut butterchickenhoney, carrots, etc. Nothing artificial, no chemicals, no sugar. Our natural dog biscuits are tasty healthy treats that are perfect for snack time and great for training!  Sojos makes all-natural dog treats that are baked to perfection in the USA using human-quality sourced ingredients. All our treats are wheat and corn-free, healthy, tasty and affordable. 

Buddy Biscuits Grain Free, we carry all 3 flavors. Roasted Chicken, Cheese & Peanut Butter.

Fromm, Grain free & Low fat Biscuits

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                                           ~~ Yoghund is here~~

         Yoghund is available in 4 yummy flavors ! We have 4 packs & single cups

                           ~~Bully Twist's are now back in stock "Flossies"~~