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Using  all-natural, no-sedation techniques for grooming cats of any age, breed or hair length. From nail trimming to shampooing to teeth care, our specialized cat care helps you keep your pet cat healthy and happy.

Our Cat Grooming Services Include:

Shampoo, bathing, clipping and styling

Nail trimming, ear cleaning,

Coat de-matting and brushing, hot oil treatments

Flea treatments,

All-natural products, no sedation required

Long-haired and short-haired cats, geriatric cats

 Basic Bath:

Includes nail trim, ear cleaning, 2 shampoos, blow dry, brush out.

Cost: $35 to $55 (maybe more depending on cat temperament) also depending on hair length, hair type (curly, wiry) etc.

Panty Shave:

Sometimes poop gets stuck on tail hairs, so we trim the fur around the anal area . Some want it shaved down the back of the legs, some just the basic. If no specifics are given then we will give the basic panty shave around the anal area only.

Cost: $10 and up Plus cost of Bath

Tummy Shave:

Usually we start in the chest area down to the back of the legs.

Cost: $20 and up Plus cost of Bath

Lion Cut:

Most of the body fur is shaved off. We leave the mane around the head, the legs and the tail. Owners need to specify how they want the mane to look. Some cats get a "V" cut, some a round cut, and some get their faces trimmed and blended in. This also includes a basic bath as part of the package.  If no specific instructions are given then we will give your kitty a classic Lion Cut with a round mane.

Cost: $80 and up Bath is included

Shed Control: 

 A shed control is an additional service designed specifically to target and reduce most of the undercoat and loose guard hairs which also dull the coat. While shedding cannot be completely eliminated, you'll notice a huge difference in the amount your cat sheds.

Cost: $25 and up Plus cost of Bath

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